Let's setup your done for you system now!

In the video, Janet Legere Explains The  Team2Profit Funnel And How To Set It Up.You will find the share codes for your Done for you System below! Check Your Inbox for Detailed Instructions and Remember to signup for Team2Profit, it's FREE

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You will need to login to The Conversion Pros to Setup Your T2P Funnel Pages.

Your FIRST step is to setup the Auto-Responder Campaign, Call it NLS Prospects. Then use the Shared Code cce214ab to setup the Follow Up Messages. You will need to edit each message as shown in the video.

The First page is the page that you will advertise, which is the Capture page named pocket Shared Code: 160208f6

The following 3 bridge pages are what follows from the capture page above. Prospects are first invited to join Now Lifestyle then The Conversion Pros.

The First Bridge Page introduces NLS named NLSfree Shared Code 6ff3986b

The Second Bridge Page Introduces TCP named NLS21 Shared Code c74c1d79

The Third and Final Bridge Page is the Setup Page we are on now. Named NLS32 Shared Code 9590735c

The  T2P  Custom  Funnel  Instructions

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